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Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

August 6, 2018 Back to Picks >

Not all herbs are used primarily in cooking. With their culinary, aromatic, medicinal, economic, and purely decorative qualities, herbs are often referred to as “the useful plants.” Each month’s herb pick for 2018 will feature an example of the many and varied uses for herbs that can be grown in our region.

And in all cases, no matter what the herb, Arbor Gate Complete Soil and Arbor Gate Blend Fertilizer are recommended from transplanting throughout the life of the plant, whether in the garden or containers. Both will provide what your plants need: organic, well balanced, and enriched growing mediums, year around.

Yarrow, achillea millefolium, is a drought-tolerant perennial herb that occurs all over the world, and it has naturalized throughout temperate North America. The species name, millefolium—of a thousand leaves—describes the fine, feathery foliage which resembles a fern. Flowers are in clusters forming a flat top and usually affixed to a single stem.
This is one tough plant — it can endure dry, impoverished soil, but needs full sun and good drainage. It will survive with little maintenance, though all species can be invasive if neglected.

Yarrow has a very long history as a medicinal plant, although recent research as shown that it has virtually no healing properties. The beauty of its finely-cut foliage and lovely flowers, and its ability to tolerate many growing conditions make it exceedingly valuable in cut flower arrangements, potpourris and moth bags, and un-hospitable stretches of bare earth.

It is a terrific choice for a splash of color among the other garden beauties with blooms ranging from pale pink to rose, and including brilliant yellows and pristine whites. Its feathery foliage ranges from tones of gray to green. Numerous varieties are available.