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Vegetable Planting Calendar – Zone 8B and 9A – Harris County


PLANT INSIDE Dates are always secondary to weather. Close weather observation is recommended.  Many crops can be direct seeded or grown inside as transplants.  Sowing indoors is one way to control soil temperature; an important factor in germination.
Crop Family Group Rota-tion # What to plant Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1-15 16-31 1-14 15-28 1-15 16-31 1-15 16-30 1-15 16-31 1-15 16-30 1-15 16-31 1-15 16-30 1-15 16-30 1-15 16-31 1-15 16-30 1-15 16-31
artichoke, globe G6 seed
artichoke, globe G6 transplant
arugula G3 seed
asparagus G9 roots
basil G7 seed
bean, asparagus G1 seed
bean, bush snap G1 seed
bean, Lima (butter) G1 seed
bean, pole snap G1 seed
bean, runner G1 seed
bean, winged G1 seed
beet G2 seed
bitter melon G10 seed
bok choy G3 seed
broccoli G3 seed
broccoli G3 transplant
broccoli, Chinese G3 seed
Brussels sprouts G3 seed
Brussels sprouts G3 transplant
cabbage G3 seed
cabbage G3 transplant
cabbage, Chinese G3 seed
cantaloupe G10 seed
carrot G4 seed
cauliflower G3 seed
cauliflower G3 transplant
celery G4 seed
chard, Swiss G2 seed
chiles G12 seed
chiles G12 transplant
cilantro/coriander G4 seed
collards G3 seed
collards G3 transplant
corn G5 seed
corn, sweet (60-day) G5 seed
cucumber G10 seed
cucumber, burpless/suyo G10 seed
cumin G4 seed
dill G4 seed
eggplant G12 seed
eggplant G12 transplant
endive G6 seed
fennel G4 seed
garlic G9 clove
garlic chives G9 transplant
ginger root
gourds G10 seed
horseradish G3 root
kale G3 seed
kale G3 transplant
kohlrabi G3 seed
leek G9 seed
leek G9 transplant
lemon balm G7 transplant
lettuce G6 seed
lovage (cutting celery) G4 seed
mint G7 transplant
mustard G3 seed
okra G8 seed
onion, bulbing G9 seed
onion, bulbing G9 transplant
onion, multiplying G9 transplant
oregano G7 transplant
parsley G4 seed
parsnip G4 seed
peas, Chinese Snow G1 seed
peas, English G1 seed
peas, Southern G1 seed
peas, Sugar Snap G1 seed
peppers G12 seed
peppers G12 transplant
potato, Irish (red) G12 set
quinoa seed
radish G3 seed
spinach G2 seed
spinach, Malabar G2 seed
squash G10 seed
squash, summer (50-day) G10 seed
squash, (70-day) G10 seed
squash, (90-day) G10 seed
strawberry plant
sunflower G6 seed
sweet potato G11 slip
tendergreen G3 seed
tomato (<80 day) G12 seed
tomato (<80 day) G12 transplant
tomato (>80 day) G12 seed
tomato (>80 day) G12 transplant
turnips G3 seed
turnips (30-day) G3 seed
watermelon G10 seed