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(Tanacetum vulgar) Perennial

Not all herbs are used primarily in cooking. With their culinary, aromatic, medicinal, economic, and purely decorative qualities, herbs are often referred to as “the useful plants.” Each month’s herb pick for 2018 will feature an example of the many and varied uses for herbs that can be grown in our region.

And in all cases, no matter what the herb, Arbor Gate Complete Soil and Arbor Gate Blend Fertilizer are recommended from transplanting throughout the life of the plant, whether in the garden or containers. Both will provide what your plants need: organic, well balanced, and enriched growing mediums, year around.

Although tansy is an ancient herb, it deserves space in the modern garden on account of its beauty, hardiness, and ease of cultivation. Its large, boldly cut evergreen leaves and button-shaped bright yellow blooms that brighten the summer months may fill spaces in the garden left bare by the high heat of that season.

Tansy attains 3 to 4 feet in height, spreading by stolons like the mints, but it is not so invasive. The plant is readily controlled by periodic cutting back. The yellow flowers occur at the tops of the foliage and are indeed long-lasting, as they can be dried for use in flower arrangements or decorative wreaths.

To grow tansy, start the plant by seed or division. It grows best in full sun and likes to keep its feet dry, so good drainage is a must. Although tansy can be grown in a large pot, its large roots and fast-growing foliage require frequent trimming.