Organic SOIL Complete (Single Bag)

(2 customer reviews)

One soil for ANY application!

Use it in containers and beds for trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and anything that grows.

  • Handcrafted Vegan Compost
  • Aged Pine Bark
  • Rose Soil
  • Special Reserve Texas Green Sand
  • Large Grain Angular Sand
  • Expanded Shale and more!

*NOTE: Available for local pick up at The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Texas only. 


2 reviews for Organic SOIL Complete (Single Bag)

  1. Ray Orr

    For years I thought soil is soil – at least as garden soil goes. But then I bought the Organic Soil Complete, mostly because it was convenient to purchase with the multiple plants I was buying two years ago. I planted some using up gardening soil I had purchased from big box stores. The rest were planted with this Arbor Gate miracle soil. And the difference was nothing short of amazing! Plants thrived all year, grew much faster, and were healthier than those planted with other soil. A excellent gardener friend of mine was envious at the results I got! I’m sold! So glad I discovered this. I’ll always plant with this stuff and fertilize with Organic Food Complete!

  2. Library Lady

    It is the best product I have ever I used, and it’s great to know I don’t have to keep searching for a better one! It is simply the best!

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