Walter’s Viburnum

Scientific Name: Viburnum obovatum

Evergreen shrub or small tree, native to Florida occurring in acidic wetland forests
Grows 6-15′ tall and 6-8′ wide with dark glossy green leaves
Can also grow in alkaline, sandy, or clay soil in full sun to part shade
Has a multi-trunk growth habit like a Pyracantha without the thorns
Clusters of white flowers that completely cover the plant in the spring; last for 2-4 weeks
Constant pruning and hedging of this plant prevents spring flowering

‘Whorled Class’- has 3 leaves per node, foliage turns bronze in autumn; 4-6′ mounding habit with dark green leaves zone 8-10
‘Densa’- grows 5-6′ tall
‘Mrs Schillers’ Delight’ – 2-4′ tall, compact, mounding shrub, resembles Dwarf Yaupon with a white bloom
Selected by Steve Riefler, Florida Plantsman

Espalier, clipped hedge or tall screen, small accent tree, wildlife attractant, foundation plant

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