Porlock Thyme

Porlock is a creeping thyme cultivar that bears charming pink flowers in June and July. It is grown as a ground cover, a hanging plant, and even between pavers in the garden. Porlock tolerates most soil types and thrives in full sun. As with other varieties, Porlock’s leaves are used as a culinary seasoning, either dried or fresh.

Its beautiful deep green leaves and generous growth habit make Porlock Thyme a welcome addition to the garden, how ever you decide to use it. Just make sure to plant it in very well-draining soil: I like to plant thyme at the very front of the garden where the bed slopes a bit, just to ensure that water runs away from thyme’s roots.

Thyme thrives with use – snipping the new growth often helps to avoid a woody, unattractive growth habit. And fresh thyme is a welcome classic herb in the kitchen no matter which of the world’s cuisines is your specialty. Plant Porlock Thyme this winter and the resulting well-established plants will reward you next summer with tiny pink flowers!