The origanum family branches in all direction relatives include the varieties of marjoram, hybrids of marjoram and oregano, and hybrids newly developed or discovered. Although we often read that oregano’s home is Greece, I recently learned at the museum of Gardening History in London that four indigenous oreganos have been found in Great Britain.

Three great things about this herb: its terrific flavor, its value as a landscape plant, and its happiness in our climate! Nothing could be easier to grow right here in our own gardens 4-inch plants are available at The Arbor Gate virtually year-round, and it can be planted whenever available. This herb is evergreen, so what could be nicer as a groundcover!

Find a sunny spot and plant your oregano in good garden soil it is very forgiving as to mix as long as well-drained then stand back and mind that your mounding oregano doesn’t take up more room than you like. All kinds take well to pruning and they aren’t fussy about the time of year. Fertilize with the Arbor Gate Blend for all-round good nutrition.

Hilltop Oregano, Madalene Hill’s contribution to this burgeoning herb family, is a favorite for culinary uses it’s mild and complex flavor add richness and interest to any recipe that calls for oregano.