Mexican Oregano

This terrifically hardy perennial isn’t a member of the oregano genus, it has an oregano-like flavor and many other outstanding attributes.

For example, it performs well in our humid climate and is quite tolerant of many differing soil types. A woody shrub, Mexican Oregano has small bright green leaves and tubular flowers that range from white to lavender-blue. Hummingbirds love the blossoms.

As far as care, your only challenge is to keep the shrubby champion nicely but gently pruned — which keeps the blooms coming. Remove any dead stems when shaping. Fertilize very sparingly and keep in mind its drought-resistant nature when watering.

Madalene Hill introduced this herb to our area, and it has become a real favorite among knowledgeable herb enthusiasts in the last several years. Since Mexico Oregano is a native plant, surviving harsh winters and desert–like summers in the South Texas brush country and northern areas of Mexico, it handles benign neglect with great dignity.