Peacock Ginger

Scientific Name: Kaempferia pulchra

Beautiful, tropical ground cover with patterned leaves striped with shades of green and silver
Produces tubers that go dormant in the winter (low soil temperature) and re-sprout in early summer when soil is 70 degrees
Grow in well drained soil, so the tubers do not rot in winter while dormant
Large colorful leaves get 6-8″tall and multiplies by seeds and tubers
Grow in filtered shade to deep shade, also known as the “Hosta” for the South
Dig and separate in spring when plants are pushing tubular leaves up out of the soil
Purple, iridescent, orchid-like flowers produced throughout the growing season
Ground cover with low water needs, great under large evergreen trees


Uses: Ground cover in deeply shaded areas; grows well among roots of trees and shaded flagstone paths.

  • Butterflies
  • Deer Resistant