Hilltop Oregano

An unusual strain of origanum x majoricum, first given to Madalene by a visitor from California many years ago. Though it closely resembles sweet marjoram, this oregano possesses a flavor more subtle and complex than either ordinary marjoram or any of the more commonly used culinary oreganos.

Three great things about this herb: its terrific flavor, its value as a landscape plant, and its happiness in our climate! Nothing could be easier to grow right here in our own gardens–4 inch plants are available at The Arbor Gate virtually year-round, and it can be planted whenever available. This herb is evergreen, so what could be nicer as a groundcover.

Hilltop Oregano, Madalene Hill’s contribution to this burgeoning herb family, is a favorite for culinary uses–it’s mild and complex flavor adds richness and interest to any recipe that calls for oregano.