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Yarrow, which answers to numerous names — soldiers’ woundwort, carpenter’s weed — is an ancient herb. It is said to grow wherever man has trod the planet. Although it has an ancient reputation as a healing plant, science has proven otherwise — we use yarrow (botanical name achillea) in flower arrangements, potpourris and moth bags, and as ground covers for less-than-great patches of bare ground in our yards and gardens.

A champion attractor of beneficial insects, Yarrow brings to the garden lady bugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps, and hover-flies: fully four of the big seven beneficials for gardens in our region! And Yarrow can be found in several colors. It requires little maintenance and the dried flowers are very popular in arrangements. Because of the finely cut and graceful foliage, this traditional herb is sometimes referred to as Fern-leaf Yarrow. It grows easily with good drainage and in full sun.