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Winter Savory (Satureja montana)

October 10, 2022 Back to Picks >

Herb Picks featured this year are especially associated with Madalene Hill, who either discovered the specific herb and introduced it into the marketplace or because it has been named in her honor.  Every year, these herbs are found scattered throughout Arbor Gate gardens and especially in The Madalene Hill Herb Garden located at the Herb House entry.

In describing Winter Savory, Madalene Hill mentions that its flavor is particularly adept in combining with the flavors of other herbs. It is especially suited for use with poultry, indispensable for vegetables, and especially for use with various beans.

Not surprisingly, Winter Savory is quite winter hardy (best planted this month!) and performs as an evergreen subshrub in our climate throughout the year — a spreading perennial, low-growing, and beloved by bees. The blooms are small, white-to-lilac in color, and quite profuse. Best if pruned frequently but lightly. A great addition to the herb garden.

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