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Vietnamese Coriander

December 8, 2016 Back to Picks >

Known as �Rau Ram� in Vietnam, this wonderful herb is highly valued for its flavor wherever it is grown. It has green, pointed leaves that are highly decorative, and the plant has a spreading, though not invasive, habit that makes it a lovely groundcover.

Vietnamese Coriander is a perennial plant that grows best in tropical and subtropical zones, in warm and damp conditions. It does very well in our region, though in the winter chill or when the summer temperature is too high, it can wither. The roots may survive such rough treatment, however,

The top of its decorative leaf is dark green, with brownish-spots, while the underneath side of the leaf is a beautiful burgundy red. The stem is jointed at each leaf. This subtle coloration adds a layer of richness and interest to the mostly-green garden!

Vietnamese Coriander can be grown in a container, but when crowded, it stops producing leaves, so be sure to give it some spreading room.

It prefers a moist environment, which makes it a great plant for areas near water features or just where the soil is so moist that many other plants you�ve tried can�t thrive.