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Three Ways to Warm Up with Herbs

December 9, 2016 Back to Picks >

We’re in the final days of the year when temperatures drop, colds and flu become more common, and let’s face it our patience sometimes runs a little thin. This is when we could all use a little something to warm us up. Here are three ways you can use herbs at home to help you feel toasty and nice during the holidays.

Warmth From the Bottom Up I really hate having cold feet in winter. It just makes every part of me feel vaguely miserable. This however is easily fixed with a nice hot foot bath with some herbal bath salts. Combine equal parts Epsom salts (available in any pharmacy) with your favorite dried scented herbs and soak your troubles away. I’m partial to rose and lavender buds. If you feel congested, eucalyptus leaves would feel good on your toes and help clear your tonsils. By the way this is also a great way to recycle a potpourri that has lost most of its scent.

Something Nice and Hot Nothing goes down better than a hot drink on a cold day. Brew yourself a pot of herbal or spiced tea and be prepared to feel great. The hot mug warms your hands and the warm flavorful liquid does the same for your tummy. Double your pleasure by inviting a friend or family member to join you.

Make an Herbal Neck Warmer For those evenings when you have a headache or stiff neck from shopping and dealing with holiday traffic, it’s nice to have a neck warmer on hand. Take an athletic tube sock and fill it with a mixture of uncooked whole rice and your favorite dried herbs. Again my favorites are lavender or rose buds but dried scented geranium leaves, patchouli, rosemary, or mint leaves will work great too. Fill the sock mostly full and sew or tie the end closed. Microwave for about a minute and drape the neck warmer around your neck or wherever it will do the most good. Because rice is hydroscopic (i.e. it attracts and absorbs water in the atmosphere) the neck warmer can be used again and again through the winter months.