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Rosemary – �That�s for Remembrance�

December 8, 2016 Back to Picks >


Rosemary symbolizes remembrance in the herbal lore of Western European cultures; we have inherited that lovely connotation for this ubiquitous and unforgettable herb. Numerous varieties are grown successfully in our part of Texas, with the upright ones favored for their culinary qualities and their prostrate kin for landscaping. (�Prostrate� in this case being something of a misnomer, since we find two to three-foot mounds sometimes developing in our climate!)

Among the upright varieties, Hill hardy, Arp, and Gorizia are stand-outs. The long, straight stems of Gorizia serve especially well as skewers (don�t remove the rosemary leaves�the flavor in grilled meats and vegetables is terrific!)

Rosemary thrives in four to six hours of sun, a well-draining garden soil, low levels of fertilizer, and moderate water.

Proper cutting-back is essential for maintaining any rosemary�frequent trimming produces new tender growth, excellent for the kitchen. This approach also keeps the rosemary in good shape visually. When allowed to become coarse and woody, the rosemary plant should be replaced, because cutting it back hard into bare wood stems won�t produce new growth