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Ne’we Ya’ar Sage

December 8, 2016 Back to Picks >

We’ve always considered sage problematic in the Gulf Coast garden, but this magnificent variety has solved the problems of sudden changes of temperature and vast amounts of humidity that destroy many of the sages we’d love to grow. Called Hybrid Number 4 for many years, Ne’we Ya’ar Sage was developed in Israel, primarily as a possible field-grown cash crop. Because of its large size, it was thought that Ne’we Ya’ar could be harvested by machines. It has definitely found a home in Texas — this grand perennial sage performs beautifully wherever I’ve seen it planted, from the coast to the hill country. And as a landscape plant, it can’t be beat. It’s growth habit is quite shrub-like, it blooms very early with sky blue blooms, and it is easily managed by pruning into the size and shape you need. Use Ne’we Ya’ar Sage as you would any culinary sage — it is wonderfully flavorful — and you’ll never have to make do with that dried material found in the grocery store again!