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My New Year’s Gardening Resolutions By Ann McCormick

December 9, 2016 Back to Picks >

On New Year’s Day, I take some time alone to do a bit of thinking about my gardens. Last year was tough for my herbs. Certainly the weather was bad, but were my herb beds properly prepared? Well if you wrestled me to the ground and tickled me with a trowel I’d have to admit the answer is “No.” So here’s the three things I plan to improve in 2007.

Water, properly applied at the right time, is a key element in healthy gardens. I have to confess that last summer I waited too long, missed spots, and even overwatered. To correct this I’ll examine my hoses, sprayers, and sprinklers to see if they’re getting the right amount of water to the right spots. I’ll also buy a moisture meter to prevent me from panicking when I see the top soil looking crispy.

Once water is applied it’s important to hang on to it and mulch is the key. I vow to get mulch down everywhere by Memorial Day. This year we’re on a tight budget so I plan to contact my city and county services to find out about shredded tree bark or composted material available to the public. I’m also going to investigate using pea gravel as a mulch for my sage and other herbs that prefer dry conditions.

And the third thing I plan to do? Well, it’s a biggie so I’ll wait until next month to tell you about it. Stay tuned…