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Mother of Thyme

December 8, 2016 Back to Picks >


Mother of thyme is one of the very low-growing and hardy thymes. Its deep green color, flavor, and spreading habit make it a great choice not only for the kitchen but also as a groundcover in the sunny garden. One of about 350 species of the genus Thymus, Mother of Thyme shares in the variability of leaf shape and size, bloom color and habit that occur among all the thymes. So expect surprises from your collection of thymes!

All thymes need well-drained, near-neutral soil and day-long sun. It’s very beneficial to work in about 50 percent or more of sand or gravel in order to keep the roots from rotting in standing water. Regular pruning will increase the number of stems and reduce the amount of old wood on the plant. Plan on using fresh thyme whenever your recipe calls for thyme – remember to substitute three times as much of any fresh herb as the amount specified for the dried version.