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Mexican Mint Marigold

December 8, 2016 Back to Picks >

A native perennial member of the marigold family, Mexican Mint Marigold occupies a prominent place in the Texas culinary herb garden. Also known as Texas Tarragon, this reliable substitute for fresh French tarragon, Mexican Mint Marigold appears in many non-culinary gardens.

It thrives in full sun, and is reliably drought-resistant. In spite of its name, this beautiful bloomer is not a true mint — thus not an invasive grower. Instead, it forms a clump that expands outward from its center. And although it goes dormant for a very few months during the winter, it should be cut right down when a few green leaves appear low on the stems — with the warmer days it will take off again and fill that empty spot once again.

Somewhat late in the fall season, Mexican Mint Marigold will be virtually covered with rich yellow marigold-like blooms. And throughout the growing season, its fragrant, flavorful leaves will be used by tarragon-fanciers for cooking and in many herbal vinegar for holiday gifts. This herb is one of the true work-horses of the Texas garden.