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Growing Remedies in a Pot

December 9, 2016 Back to Picks >

I’ve always found it interesting to view theme-based gardens. Some take up quite a bit of space and require more planning than most of us have time for. Then I came across the idea of creating a theme-based pot. Now that’s something I can do in a weekend.

With spring coming on, you might consider creating a miniature theme garden. Although edible herbs are all the rage, don’t forget many herbs can be used for remedies. I’ve collected here four groups of herbs for common physical complaints. These have been selected by professional herbalists but you should investigate further before taking them.

  • Tension: Betony, relieves tension and headaches; Skullcap calms mental agitation; German chamomile relieves a nervous stomach; English Lavender to relax and lift the spirits.
  • Headaches: Feverfew for migraine symptoms; Betony, to relieve tension headaches; Vervain for headaches with nausea; Rosemary, for its stimulating properties.
  • Sleeping Problems: Lemon Balm, a soothing herb; Catnip, calming for humans too; German Chamomile to calm the stomach.
  • Cuts and Bruises: Yarrow, to help stop bleeding; Comfrey, promotes healing of bone and tissue; Pot Marigold, excellent for any skin problem.

Each group of medicinal herbs have similar growing needs – full sun and regular watering and will be happy growing in the same pot. Plant them in a container at least 20 inches in diameter.

Before using these herbs, please consult a reliable source of herbal information. All medicines, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, should be used with care. One of the best online sources is the American Botanical Council at Do a little research to know how they can be safely used.