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Five Herbs For Essential Oils

December 9, 2016 Back to Picks >

Essential oils have experienced a surge of popularity recently among those interested in a more natural lifestyle. The concentrated oils from herbs can help heal physical disorders as well as make changes in a person’s mood. Extracting essential oils from herbs requires more equipment that most herb enthusiasts can afford. But anyone can create a hydrosol by extracting of herbal oils using hot (not boiling) water. Here are five of the best herbs for you to grow to make your own hydrosols:

Rosemary — This is a hardy perennial herb that provides an oil with deep pine-like aromas. Rosemary has been proven to improve and sharpen memory. It is also stimulating to the senses, making it ideal for those working hard with their brain.

Mint — For another stimulating herb, nothing beats mint. The essential oil from this herb can be sprayed in a hydrosol to freshen the air and get you and the whole family going.

Lavender — Who can resist the aroma of lavender? Its floral scent is soothing and calming for people of all ages, including infants. Lavender oil also has healing properties when included in skin creams.

Lemon Verbena — This rather awkward looking herb is probably the one with the best lemon scent. Fortunately for us, lemon verbena can be grown in the ground provided you have a very well drained spot for it. Lemon verbena provides a clean scent, perfect to spray after cleaning the house in preparation for guests.

Basil — Perhaps you’re a little surprised to see basil on the list of herbs for essential oils. One of the lesser known facts about basil is that the essential oil repels flies. Try using basil to create a bug spray hydrosol and spray it around the picnic table. Not only will it stimulate the appetite but it will keep pests away from the table.