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Fight That Cough with Herbs

January 1, 2017 Back to Picks >

New Year’s Day brings the promise of a clean slate on our calendar. Three hundred sixty five day to fill with challenges, triumphs, and fun times with friends. Unfortunately New Year’s Day also signals the start of winter cold and cough season. If you are a victim of a cough this winter, consider making a healing tea from these herbs and spices.

Everything shown here are easy to grow in your garden. They all enjoy full sun, regular watering, and not much else to thrive. Add them to your spring buying list and keep that cough from ruining your happy new year.

Sage — A hardy drought tolerant perennial grown best in a dry spot in the garden. Sage is good for relieving sore throat. It also stimulates the brain, something you could use when you?re feeling ?under the weather.

Thyme — Another hardy perennial. It will grow well in sun or shade and can handle the occasional flood. Thyme is the most useful herb for throat and mouth troubles. It is helpful when mucus is clogging your lungs or sinuses.

Lemon Eucalyptus — The leaves from this tree contain eucalyptol, a strong essential oil that can clear your sinuses quickly. Grow this tree in a large pot or in the ground.

Peppermint — Who can resist the refreshing, cleansing flavor and aroma of peppermint? The menthol in peppermint helps loosen mucus and soothe a sour stomach. Growing peppermint in a pot gives you a regular supply while keeping this herb from taking over your garden.

Fennel — This is a tall (6 feet) perennial that produces large clusters of seeds. Like peppermint, fennel seeds help loosen mucus while settling a queasy stomach. Grow this herb in the back of your herb border to give it room to grow.

Ginger — The spicy roots of ginger are stimulating to mucus membranes while also deterring growth of bacteria. Grow this tropical plant in a large pot to ensure it gets the warm, moist soil conditions it needs to grow.