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Doublemint ‘Madalene Hill’

March 14, 2022 Back to Picks >

Herb Picks featured for 2022 are especially associated with Madalene Hill, who either discovered the specific herb and introduced it into the marketplace or because it has been named in her honor.  During every year, these herbs are found scattered throughout Arbor Gate gardens, and especially in The Madalene Hill Herb Garden located at the Herb House entry.

Officially named Red-Stemmed Apple Mint, this is the only mint having both peppermint and spearmint oils, which give it an especially subtle and complex flavor.  It was re-named for Madalene because of her work to broaden the cultivation and use of this wonderful culinary mint.  As easy to propagate and grow as any culinary mint, its complex scent and flavor have given it a great reputation among cooks.