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Cuban Oregano

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Creeping Marjoram
Creeping Marjoram (Origanum rotundifolium) is one of many oregano and marjoram varieties that do very well in our gardens. A spreading perennial and evergreen herb, it is especially suited as a groundcover with the added benefit of providing flavorful leaves.

To use as a groundcover or edging plant, place Creeping Marjoram at about 6 to 8 inches apart in a sunny area. Keep the soil slightly moist around plants and try to cultivate often when young to prevent weed competition and aerate the soil. Add 1 inch of compost in a 12-inch circle around the plants occasionally, or fertilize with TOP at about three-month intervals.

Keep in mind that groundcovers help in garden maintenance by shading and crowding out weeds.

Creeping marjoram will reward you year after year by enduring winter cold and summer heat with only minimal attention, and by adding continuously to the texture and fragrance of your garden.