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Blue Lady Rosemary

December 8, 2016 Back to Picks >

Blue Lady Rosemary is a member of the prostrate rosemary group that is grown mostly for ornamental purposes, as the upright varieties are regarded as having the best flavors. But Blue Lady does much more than add beauty and color to the garden.

For one thing, whether in the ground or a large container, Blue Lady grows at a healthy rate of speed and soon becomes a landscape feature. The term “prostrate” isn’t entirely accurate, for Blue Lady can become several feet tall with long gracefully sweeping stems adorned with vivid blue blossoms appearing virtually year round, with especially generous flowers during the winter months.

And when blooms appear, whether sparse or dense, the whole plant will be alive with bees and other pollinators, as well as tiny flying insects we hardly notice, but which are avid destroyers of some of our garden’s enemies. In addition, the oil of the rosemary plant itself is thought to repel aphids.

Plant in full sun, in the ground or a large container, in very well-draining soil or potting mix. Fertilize sparsely with Arbor Gate Blend, and keep in shape by clipping the tender green stems before they become woody. Avoid over-watering.