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Agastache (a. foeniculum)

July 9, 2021 Back to Picks >

There are actually 30 species of aromatic perennials in this genus, which is found widely scattered throughout the world.  Its representatives are an especially rich source of nectar, so it can be counted upon to attract bees to the garden during its long flowering period.  Agastache is a tidy plant, and a very attractive perennial to add to the garden, much like the salvia family.  I’ve found it to be very tolerant of cold and hot weather alike — with sufficient water it blooms right on through our texas summers. As a member of the mint family, its leaves contribute a nice flavor to summer teas and salads, and can be used in a general way for soups and vegetable dishes.  

Growing agastache is very simple — good garden soil, a slow-release, long-lasting fertilizer such as Arbor Gate’s 1-2-3 Completely Easy Food, and adequate water.  Be sure to dead-head old blooms to keep the flowers and bees coming!  This easy to grow member of the herb family is an easy-care favorite throughout the summer.