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Arp Rosemary

A favorite upright rosemary of excellent flavor and cold-hardiness. It was discovered by Madalene Hill many years ago in an Arp, Texas, garden. This is a must-have for cooks. It is easy ... Read More >


The parsleys, curled and flat-leaf alike, make themselves at home in our gardens every year about this time, if not a couple of months earlier.  They are cool-season champions, rewarding the gardener ... Read More >


No culinary herb is more redolent of the home vegetable garden than dill.  Its feathery appearance and unique aroma and flavor remind one of pickle-making days in our grandmothers’ kitchens. Yet in ... Read More >


An herb garden favorite in our area, cilantro is also a familiar and much-used culinary herb in many cultures throughout the world.  For a long period of leaf-production, cilantro should be planted ... Read More >

Bay (laurus nobilis)

Bay was designated by the Herb Society of America as 2009 Herb of the Year.  The familiar and important cultivar laurus nobilis, often called Sweet Bay, is the member of the bay ... Read More >

Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet is an intriguing herb, since in spite of its name, it has far more visual than culinary interest.  An evergreen, flowering plant that well deserves a place in the garden, ... Read More >

Agastache (a. foeniculum)

There are actually 30 species of aromatic perennials in this genus, which is found widely scattered throughout the world.  Its representatives are an especially rich source of nectar, so it can be ... Read More >

The Mints

One of the largest of the herbal families, mints belong in every garden — though their rampant growth habit recommends planting on the back forty or confining them in containers. When confronted ... Read More >

Flaming Torch Scadoxus (Scadoxus sp.)

All images and text copyright 2014 Treesearch Farms, Inc. An absolutely stunning naturalizing bulb from South Africa that produces gorgeous, large globe-shaped torches of vibrant orange flowers – these are held high ... Read More >

Chickasaw Plum

Photo Credit Growers Solution Wild native plum with beautiful golden fleshed fruit. Grows single trunk or can form thickets. Ripens mid-June to July. Great for fresh eating or in jams and jellies. ... Read More >

Creeping Thymes (Thymus vulgaris)

The history and cultural lore surrounding thyme are as rich and colorful as that of rosemary. And because they are notorious cross-pollinators, there is no way of knowing how many varieties actually ... Read More >

Lovage (Umbelliferae, Annual locally)

One of the finest culinary herbs, lovage is significantly underused in our kitchens. Though it is a perennial plant in other regions, it performs as an annual for local gardeners, where it ... Read More >