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Ann Wheeler Log House Herb Farm

Get the fall gardening season off to a good start even though it's still plenty hot. Chives planted now will put down plenty of roots so that you'll be able to harvest... Read More >

xGordlinia grandiflora ‘Sweet Tea’

(xGordlinia grandiflora) A perfect blend of two wonderful Southeastern native trees, Gordonia lasianthus and Franklinia alatamaha. This small tree seems to have inherited the good traits of both parents while shrugging off... Read More >

Ann Wheeler Log House Herb Farm

Along with cilantro and dill, parsley is a cool-season annual in our climate. Plant the gorgeous triple-curled variety now to line bed and path edges, and put the Italian or flat-leaf variety... Read More >


[caption id="attachment_7247" align="aligncenter" width="456"] Giant Cigar Plant (Cuphea micropetala)[/caption] A majestic cuphea up to 4'-5' tall with a full, mounding growth habit. It's covered with 4"-6" long, shiny, dark green leaves topped... Read More >

Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl
Aztec Sweet Herb

Most of us have heard of the herb stevia, the new darling of the dieting world. But that's not the only herb that provides a sweet flavor. Aztec sweet herb (Lippia dulcis)... Read More >

Ann Wheeler Log House Herb Farm

Comfrey is a hardy perennial of long usage as a forage crop as well as the source of numerous ages-old medicinal remedies. Its clumping habit, large, attractive, bristly leaves, and floral stalks... Read More >

Lemon Verbena Recipes

Lemon Verbena Watermelon Sorbet ½ cup Sugar ½ cup Light Corn Syrup ¼ cup Lemon Juice 24 leaves Lemon Verbena, chopped 3 lbs Watermelon, cut into chunks with seeds and rind removed... Read More >

August Recipes

Lemon Verbena Ice Cream 2 cups Heavy Cream 2 cups Whole Milk 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup Lemon Verbena leaves, fresh 1 Vanilla Bean 14 Egg Yolks Heat cream, milk, 1/2 cup... Read More >

Newe Ya’ar Sage Recipes

Butterflied Potatoes with Newe Ya'ar Sage Compound Butter 1 lb. Butter, softened 2 tbsp Olive Oil 1 tbsp Lemon Juice 3 tbsp Newe Ya'ar Sage 1 tsp White Pepper 4 Russet Potatoes,... Read More >

Luzon Viburnum

This beautiful shrub has wonderfully textured soft apple-green foliage. It makes a beautiful contrast with standard green shrubs. In mid-spring it explodes with clusters of creamy white flowers. As an added bonus... Read More >

Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl
A Sip of Summer

This is the time of year that no self-respecting Texan will be too far away from a tall glass of iced tea. Some have called it the "house wine" of our state.... Read More >

Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl
Four Texas Native Herbs

By Ann McCormick Here in Texas we are surrounded by wide-open spaces filled with native herbs, whose fragrance, beauty, and utility make them worthy of cultivation. Let me introduce you to a... Read More >