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The one-two punch that works on everything

Organic Blend Plant Food + Organic Soil Complete

Organic Blend Food

Grow your soil, and your soil will grow your plants!

Use it on everything!

If it has roots, feed it with Arbor Gate Organic Blend: Trees, turf, shrubs, perennials and flowers, vegetables, citrus, and other fruits!



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Organic Soil Complete

One soil for ANY application!

Use it in containers and beds for trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and anything that grows.
  • Handcrafted Vegan Compost
  • Black Aged Pine Bark
  • Rose Soil
  • Special Reserve Texas Green Sand
  • Large Grain Angular Sand
  • Expanded Shale and more!



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More about our Organic Blend Plant Food

“My shrubs and flowers were not doing so well and I used the Arbor Gate Blend. Saw results in 3 days and it is easier to use than Miracle Grow because you don’t worry about burning or killing the roots of plants.”

– Victor, Magnolia

Strong Plants and Lawn

  • Increases plant health, decreases stress.
  • Increases drought tolerance, reduced watering.
  • Strengthens plants ability to fight off disease.

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A Simple and Safe Food.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Slow Release
  • Will Not Burn

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“The Arbor Gate Blend is an exception to the normal poultry manure products and the only one I would recommend.”

– John Ferguson, The Lazy Gardener

The science behind it.

The Arbor Gate Blend is a natural, organic source of plant nutrients. It is composed of composted poultry manure, organic matter, calcium, molasses, and 11 species of mycorrhizal fungi. A homogeneous blend, each granule contains all ingredients and is uniform, which is why it doesn’t burn plant roots.




The Ingredients and What They Do

1. Composted poultry manure supplies nutrients to plants and soil.
2. Organic matter builds beneficial soil microbes in the soil, holds moisture and nutrients, and releases it to the plant as needed.
3. Calcium is a chemical element (Ca), necessary for cell development and vascular strength.
4. Molasses is the sugar that feeds beneficial soil microbes and repels insects in the soil.
5. Mycorrhiza is defined as a beneficial relationship between fungus and plants. The mycorrhizal fungi strengthens plant roots for absorbing water and nutrients from the soil.
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“Humic substances are recognized by most soil scientists & agronomists as the key component of a healthy, fertile soil.”

– Dr. Robert E. Pettit, Emeritus Associate Professor, Texas A&M University