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Habitat Highways – Pathways of Survival for Pollinators


March 23


10:00 am

Angela Chandler, The Garden Academy
Development is an inevitable result of human progress, but it interrupts natures migratory flow.  Each of us can be a huge part of providing stepping stones for bees, butterflies and beneficials by creating a patchwork, or chain, of habitats that will serve as feeding and resting stations during migrations for weather or breeding.  You can choose the size and style of your pollinator pathway garden.  And the plant palette is huge – there is something to please every eye.  Every little bit helps and everyone can participate!  This is a great project for schools, community gardens, and home schoolers, too.  It’s a science and environmental project disguised as beautiful garden.  (Pssst….can you stay after class?  We want to build a bug hotel in our insectary garden and we would love your help!  We will have a variety of supplies on hand, inspirational photos and a general plan.  We can all build the “rooms” of the hotel, and then assemble them in the Arbor Gate Insectary.  Join us, it will be fun!!  And you will learn a lot about habitat for beneficials at the same time.)

MGCEU: Fort Bend, Harris, Orange, Waller County

Angela Chandler is a lifelong gardener with a passion for learning and teaching. She tends a 1/2 acre garden in Highlands, Texas that includes ornamentals, fruits, a small experimental nursery, a flock of Buff Orpington chickens, and a Lab mix named Harley. Her gardening adventures would not be possible without her husband, Fred – always willing to help unload leaves, compost and help build beds. Angela is a member of the Harris County Master Gardener Association – Retired, and a member of the Garden Writer’s Association.