Arbor Gate Nursery & Nurse Natural Path Cynthia Graham, RN, BSN, join efforts to bring your community a Special Disaster (Hurricane, Tornado, & Flood) Restoration and Preparedness Workshop.

There are many parts to being prepared for a disaster. The focus with this workshop will be Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Floods.

It will be a two hour workshop, with four distinct pats:

1. The Majestic Mints: Potted containers in the house for cooking, décor and aromatherapy in a pinch work as first aide. Here we will quickly review how this family of plants can assist with cleaning cuts, resolving bruises, calming gastritis, diminishing infections, sadness, grief and minor depressions.

2. The First Aid Kit-What do you really need to handle the most obvious of circumstances?

3. The Bug-in or Bug out Bag-The Military, National Guard, Police, Fire Fighters, Community Emergency Response Teams know how to pull these together quickly. But as a civilian it’s much better to always have one packed for each member of the family. It should be stationed up high but in easy reach of its owner to grab and go in seconds. We’ll show you and send you home with a list.

4. How do you know when to stay or leave. Where do you go, if you have to leave? How do you go? And the planning to make it all work. This is one of the biggest areas where mistakes are made and casualties occurred. We’ll review this as well.

The workshop will take place September 9th from 10am – 12pm and September 14th from 1pm – 3pm. The workshop will be free of charge and take place at The Arbor Gate. If you have questions, contact us at 281-351-8851.