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Mustard for Winter Warmth

New Year’s Day finds many of us putting up calendars for the new year and considering the prospect of cold weather ahead. Fortunately for Texas gardeners, even these cool months can be ... Read More >

Harvesting a Bouquet Garni for Your Soup

As the days cool we think more and more of enjoying warming soups. If this is on the menu at your home, make it savory with the addition of a just-picked bouquet ... Read More >

Don’t Pull Up Those Geraniums

As the days shorten, a wise gardener makes plans for putting the garden to bed for the winter. Some plants will be trimmed back after the riotous growth of summer. A few ... Read More >

Purple Coneflower, A Native Herb

When the first European settlers came to the New World, high on their list of things to look for were new medicinal herbs. If the plant was attractive as well they considered ... Read More >

Mexican Oregano: A Colorful Native Herb

Let me introduce you to Mexican oregano a native Texas herb that is drought tolerant, blooms from late spring through fall, isnít an aggressive spreader, and finally ñfor extra bonus points ñ ... Read More >

Texas Tarragon

Got a spot where you’d like to grow something hardy but edible? How about Texas tarragon, the South’s answer to the less hardy French tarragon. Texas tarragon (Tagetes lucida) is a tough ... Read More >

Growing Hens and Chicks

The last year or so has seen a revival of interest in growing succulents in containers and garden beds. They come in a wide variety of shapes, making them fun to collect ... Read More >

Which Basil is For You?

Chances are you want to grow fresh, flavorful basil in your garden this spring. But then you go down to your favorite garden shop (Arbor Gate, of course) and discover there are ... Read More >

Fight That Cough with Herbs

New Year’s Day brings the promise of a clean slate on our calendar. Three hundred sixty five day to fill with challenges, triumphs, and fun times with friends. Unfortunately New Year’s Day ... Read More >

Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl
My New Year’s Gardening Resolutions By Ann McCormick

On New Year’s Day, I take some time alone to do a bit of thinking about my gardens. Last year was tough for my herbs. Certainly the weather was bad, but were ... Read More >

Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl
My New Year’s Gardening Resolutions: Part 2 By Ann McCormick

As I wrote last month, I’ve made three resolutions for my 2007 garden. First, improve my watering habits. Second, find and use economical mulch. These two are fairly simple. But my third ... Read More >

Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl
Roses in The Kitchen

By Ann McCormick We’re all familiar with the luscious scent of roses, but what about the taste? You may never have cooked with essence of rose, but your great-great grandmother certainly did. ... Read More >