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Green Thumb Podcast Episode 16: Edible Landscaping with Angela Chandler
Posted on : June 17, 2014

ornamediblesGardeners that stop by the Arbor Gate frequently want to know how to add more edibles to their garden. With more and more products in the grocery store coming from overseas, it’s great to know that your food is truly organic and to know exactly where it came from- your garden! This week on the podcast we have Angela Chandler of thegardenacademy.com to discuss the ins and outs of growing edibles right from your own garden.

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Angie |

Hi! I've done organic gardening for over 25 years and until 2 yrs ago, I had a huge back yard garden. As a single mom with kids grown and gone, I downsized my home and my yard. I have much less garden space now so I have to make the most of what space I do have. I have a question regarding the photo on Arbor Gate's FB page. The photo shows veggies planted in what looks to be large plastic tubs. Is there any danger of chemicals from those containers leaching into the soil? And what about drainage? These questions may be addressed in the podcast, which will not play from my cell phone. Thanks very much. I live in Spring and LOVE to visit Arbor Gate! Angie

    Angela Chandler |

    Angie, This is a great question. Plastic totes and buckets have a recycling symbol on them. This symbol is a triangle of arrows with a number inside. The food safe numbers are 1, 2, 4, 5. "2" is considered the most stable and inert. Look for the recycling symbol, which is generally part of the mold and will be permanently visible on the tote or bucket. Happy Gardening, Angela