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Video: How to Prune Shrubs and Trees
Posted on : February 2, 2015

Beverly Welch and horticulturalist Linda Gay Show you how and why to prune in your garden and discuss all the tools you’ll need.

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Debra Stallings |

I thoroughly enjoyed the pruning video and learned so much about pruning....what tools to have and to use, where to make the cuts, and when to prune. SO INFORMATIVE. Thanks for teaching us novice gardeners all about pruning.

Nancy Ayres |

Great Video! Now we need one on trimming native salvia, rock rose, grasses and various other rangy looking plants. Especially when and how short. Love visiting Arbor Gate and enjoying the workshops.

Linda |

Thank you ladies! I had heard some of this before, but did not know about going back further that the sidewalk overhang to prune a bush/tree. Also, thanks for the reminder about using loppers instead of pruning shears for branches that are slightly too big for the shears.