Plans by Steven Chamblee


You will need…

Treated Yellow Pine 5 – 2″ x 4″ x 8′     Wooden Decking 3 – 1″ x 5″ x 8′ (Cut 2 of them in half lengthwise)

Circular Saw / Drill with 1/4″ bit / impact drill with T25 bit / Jigsaw / Palm Sander

Tape Measure / Speed Square / Pencil


Cut all pieces to size before assembly

After cutting pieces, it is helpful to lay them out in order.


Drilling holes before installing screws will prevent wood from splitting.

Build 24″ square box. Attach back legs to box, leaving 9″ above box. With back legs firmly on the ground, ensure front legs sit level on the ground before attaching to box, leaving 9.5″ above box.

Ensure chair sits sturdily upon ground. Adjust if necessary. Attach back brace across the back legs. Attach side braces between front & back legs…they should fit tightly. Attach back of chair to box & back brace.

Ensure back boards are perpendicular to back brace. Attach front brace with a single 6″ screw in each side. Attach arm supports at the top of the legs. Install seat slats from front to rear, using spacers to ensure they are spaced evenly.

Install back slats from the top of rear legs down, using spacers. Set arm boards in place and determine how or if you want to trim them. Trim arms to your style using jigsaw. Install arms boards even with the back of the rear legs. Continue adding slats. Install two top boards, using spacers.

Back the center screw of the topmost thin slat out about an inch and attach a string to it and your pencil. Draw an arc on the top board. Remove string and retighten screw. Remove top board and use the jigsaw to cut the arc. Re-install top board. Use palm sander to smooth any rough edges. Paint or stain to taste and enjoy your Texas Tough Adirondack Chair!