It’s important to note any changes in your trees in August. Trees under stress display key symptoms indicating that a serious problem may exist or could develop if ignored. Some things to look for:

• Wilting or unusual loss of leaves or needles;
• Yellowing of leaves or browning or reddening of needles;
• Premature autumn color and leaf drop;
• Wet, sappy spots on branches and stems.

In some cases, it may be your trees simply need more (or less) water. However, these signs could be evidence of insects and disease or may indicate problems with the roots or soil. Correctly identifying the underlying cause is critical to addressing the problem and nurturing trees back to good health.

Given the challenging growing conditions typical of late summer, it is important to have your trees and shrubs checked before serious issues develop. For more information, please call me at 713-692-6371 or contact me online for a complimentary consultation.