What are you doing with all those vegetables you are harvesting? Eating them? Or do you have too many tomatoes and a shocking number of cucumbers sitting around on the back porch? I have just the solution for you. One out of six Americans needs food assistance, but cannot get fresh produce from the local food pantry although millions of American homeowners like you grow more food in their backyard gardens than they can possibly use.

Above you see the back end of my front facing food donation-mobile filled with goodies for people who need it and live near me. Every year I donate hundreds of pounds of food to the local food pantries in my community. With a down economy and an over-abundance of vegetables in almost every garden, it just makes sense to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in your own neighborhood.

In communities across the United States, food pantries are often hard to find. Food pantries typically cannot afford to have a web site and many rarely have signs on the front door. To make it possible to find a pantry closer to your neighborhood an organization called AmpleHarvest.org was founded. It is a huge database that lists food pantries all over the nation – and a few locally – where you can donate fresh vegetables. Go to AmpleHarvest.org to learn more.