Hot and dry are only a few words used for Texas in September. “Hell” comes to mind when talking about late August weather that leads into September. That means that now is the time to take a look at your lawn and its progress this season. Fix’er up with some super-easy solutions listed below.

Organic Chinch Bug Cure –

Chemical pesticides have proven rather ineffective for controlling chinch bugs because they quickly become immune to them. Organic or natural control is the best way to take care of your bug problem. Top ways to get rid of the chinch bugs include using beneficial insects, diatomaceous earth (DE), compost, manure tea, molasses, and citrus oil spray.

Organic Brown Patch Cure –

Brown Patch is a fungal problem prevalent in the Texas region due to the fluctuation of heat and wet weather (see the before and after photos in this blog post that feature a brown patch problem cured with this technique). Actinovate will cure the problem, it is an OMRI certified beneficial streptomyces bacteria. To treat this fungus, mix Actinovate according to label directions and spray across the infected area. You can use a hose-end sprayer if you prefer.

To help regrow the grass and prevent future Brown Patch eruptions mix up a batch of Brown Patch Preventative. Mix Actino-Iron with The Arbor Gate Leaf Mold Compost and spread over the area. Reseed on top of this mixture if needed with ryegrass or tall fescue, watering regularly until the seeds erupt.

Organic Turf Grass Fertilizer –

September is about the time for your last application of organic lawn fertilizer for the season. Try the custom blend at the shop. The Arbor Gate Blend of Organic Food is a 4-4-3 plus calcium granular plant food. There is absolutely no risk of burn. Set your spreader to 60 to 75% and get busy spreading for a healthier environment – this blend is poultry litter based and super healthy for the earth.

Curing brown catch, chinch bugs, and fixing up the lawn for fall is super-easy. If lawns suffered tremendous die-back from the above conditions, it is also a great month to lay sod. Check with the experts at The Arbor Gate counter for specific application rates for the above products.