Have you seen the Arbor Gate seed section in the shop? You should take a look at our fabulous selection because there is still plenty of time for you to plant some amazing Texas wildflowers or sunflowers. Both sunflowers and wildflowers make excellent cut displays.

Planting seeds directly in the ground is super-easy. Sunflowers and wildflowers need very little, if any, fertilizer and do great in almost any well-drained soil. If you want to prepare the soil organically, add some of our bagged compost to the top of the soil and very lightly combine with the existing soil.

To plant the seeds, simply push gently into the ground, water, and ignore. Soak the seeds, if you prefer, for 24 hours before planting. Do not spray with pesticides as these flowers attract bees, butterflies, and bird pollinators to your garden.

If you want continuous bloom, sow a new crop every 2-4 weeks up until 3 months before first fall frost and you will have incredible floral displays in your neighborhood for months. Be prepared to WOW your neighbors with a fantastic flower display for the rest of the gardening season.