This fabulous shrub rose is a legacy in more ways than one. Not only is it a great landscape rose, it has a wonderful story to tell. American Legacy produces heavily petaled (30 – 40) blooms that are a deep raspberry pink color with a subtle fragrance. The foliage is dark green and waxy on a compact bush with a rounded habit. The average bush size is 3’ x 3’, making it a perfect rose to be grown in a container or used in the landscape as a low border or accent plant. It is suitable for gardens in Zones 4 to 9.

I have grown this rose for 3 years at multiple locations in Texas in no spray conditions with good result. At these test sites and in my garden American Legacy has exhibited good disease resistance and has produced blooms even under excessive heat and drought conditions. In a wet spring it might prefer one or two fungicide applications – although I have never applied any chemical applications and the plants have rebounded fine even when they get an occasional spring bout of blackspot.

A 2 year old American Legacy at the Farmers Branch Earth-Kind Rose Trial

American Legacy was hybridized by the late Dr. Griffith Buck some time between 1985 and 1991. I learned about this rose from Dr. Buck’s friend, Mel Popelka. Mel relayed that when “Griff” ran out of room in his garden he would give plants away and Mel was the recipient of the rose that eventually became, American Legacy. After seeing the original plant (that is still in Mel’s yard more than a decade later), Mel graciously offered cuttings. This rose is a recent introduction and is exclusively available from Chamblee’s Rose Nursery in Tyler (800/256-7673, by mail order and will also be available at The Arbor Gate (281/351-8851) in Tomball. If you are a fan of Dr. Buck’s roses or shrub-type roses in general, this rose is a must-have!