The Arbor Gate loves green and this spring we have a suggestion for a fantastic color combination that really works in the garden – pink and green.

Hundreds of shades of green can be discovered in the background greenery found in the garden or in the painted structures and furniture you have in your garden setting. Above you see a photo from our nursery yard with a bold, bright green seating mixed with pink petunias.

Pink comes in a large family of colors which can move from salmon pink and peachy pinks all the way to a bold magenta. Softer shades of pink help soften corners and harshly lighted zones. Bolder shades of pink often bring a spotlight onto a particular garden area. Combined together, pink and green of any variety and shade simply work well as a design solution.

Choosing a monochromatic flower design whereby you have only the green foliage plants with all pink flowers in the garden is a fantastic idea to make a powerful design statement. Particularly effective in small spaces, an all pink monochromatic design will make the garden space appear larger and lighter.

Plan a pink scheme that mixes annuals and perennials. Pink perennial plants that do well in shade are astilbe, foxglove, creeping thyme, geranium, and heather. For full sun locations, consider perennial pink echinacea and poppies. Terrific pink annuals include petunias, angelonia, calibrachoa, gaura, nemesia, and phlox.

This season try pink and green for a splash of color that works well in design and is perfect in the garden.