The Arbor Gate is proud to announce a new featured artist, Stephanie Shroyer! me on the ball

“For years, I worked with mosaics, creating art by gluing small pieces of materials like glass, china, or tile on lost of different surfaces. When I set out a few leftover unfinished concrete bowls in the garden, they filled with water and the animals and birds seemed to love them. Then I noticed leaves drifting down from native pecan trees in the yard stained the concrete a rich, organic brown. The bowls seemed to blend into the garden adding character to the yard.” That’s how Stephanie arrived at hand-sculpting one-of-a-kind concrete pieces of art. From fountains and birdbaths to bowls and trays for outdoor and indoor use, the pieces are all finished in warm, earthy tones.

There is a growing appreciation and interest in handcrafted unusual “green” art. Stephanie sells her concrete leaf artwork at Texas Art shows, home and garden shows, and now at The Arbor Gate! In the near future, she plans to create a storefront and garden shop at home. Visit her online at or come in and see some choice pieces at The Arbor Gate!