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Homemade infused waters featured on ABC13!
Posted on : July 11, 2013

Beverly Welch and Chef Chris Crowder were interviewed by ABC13 about the different infused waters Chef Chris has made, as well as how to make your own!

See the video below and read the article by clicking here.

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Julian |

I bet you are having or have had your baby by now!? Congrats if so!! You know the bendler doesn't really bother Hayden that much- its kind of like white noise. I usually put her in the other room when I do it for just a minute bc I am nervous about her little eardrums. She sleeps right through it tho and we live in a loft, so there aren't any doors to the bedrooms! My favorite meals thus far have still been smoothies- they are helping me to not feel bloated and losing the baby weight while very nutrient dense. If I am sick of smoothies- I usually just stop by WF and grab some food from their hot salad bar. Timing isn't very abundant to make a smoothie, much less cook anything so I just pick up my food to go. Grilled Tofu brown rice bowls with veggies and teriyaki sauce (from WF) have been this weeks go-to non smoothie favorite. Otherwise I would suggest lots and lots of snacks like fruit or carrots with hummus.