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Green Thumb Podcast Episode 59: Angela Chandler of The Garden Academy
Posted on : June 30, 2015

Angela-Chandler-2013On this Episode of The Green Thumb Podcast, Beverly and Linda welcomed Angela Chandler of The Garden Academy. They discussed the current “Weather Woes.”

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Riickyy |

I completely agree that my story is not anynoe else's. My experience is not anynoe else's. I also agree that skinny does not, in fact, correlate to fit. There is plenty of evidence that many skinny folk are not healthy (e.g., many smokers are skinny). So can we perhaps change the vector of the discussion a little bit? Can we agree that there are certain things everyone can do to be [fit/healthy] irrespective of their body type? Can we agree that this discussion is not about getting skinny, but about getting [fit/healthy]? Can we agree that it is worthwhile sharing the knowledge that all of us have gained through trial and error and research and put into practice in our own lives with people who may not have taken the time to learn it independently and who may not have thought about putting it into practice in their own lives?And so I propose that we stop talking about weight loss and perhaps start talking about how to make good food choices and what one means when one says make good food choices. That we talk about the importance of cardio vascular health that can only come from actually going out and walking or running or biking for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week. That is a discussion worth having and one worth sharing. Can we talk about the fact that we lose 30% of our flexibility in our 30s unless we do something about it (e.g. yoga, pilates, stretching 15 min a day) and that loss of flexibility can lead to injuries that can make it harder and harder to stay [fit/healthy]?