The calendar has finally rolled into October, now what?

This is a great time of year to be a tree in Southeast Texas. The heat of the last several months is finally in the rear view mirror and the promise of cooler temperatures is right upon us. So what does that really mean to your trees?

Trees elongate their root system in the fall and winter. They are constantly searching for the nutrients that they need for the “spring push”. It’s amazing how these organisms are constantly planning ahead. This is a great time for their humans to help out. Fertilizing this time of the year is extremely important. With that, I recommend two things: One, a well-balanced organic granular fertilizer that is broadcast over the yard and in the flower beds. Please, please please, don’t be sucked into the marketing machine that tells you to put down a winterizer, or a weed preventative to keep weeds from being a problem in the spring. Neither of those products are good for the plants that grow in your yard. High synthetic fertilizers, with or without weed control, are high in salts and can cause problems in and of themselves. The weed controls that are broadcast, recognize the root system of every other plant but turf as a weed and try’s to kill it. The best thing that a property owner can do now is to aerate their turf area to help alleviate soil compaction, over lay a layer of compost and spread a bag of their favorite organic fertilizer over the property. The second piece of advice that I give this time of the year is to deep root fertilize your trees with an organic liquid fertilizer. The benefits of deep root fertilizing your trees is very significant. In the process of delivering the products, the area is aerated by the probe that injects the product. This allows for better air-flow and the penetration of water to the heart of the root system, not to mention the delivery of all of the macro and micro nutrients that the trees desperately need. A good tree fertilizer should also have humates and mycorrhizae that address the needs of the soil and well as the plants. Healthy soils always produce healthy plants. You can’t go wrong. If you will follow this advice, I guarantee good results.

If you need help with your trees or shrubs, please give me a call at 713-703-2701. I am here to help your plants thrive not just survive.