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Dogs Gone Wild!
Posted on : April 10, 2013

This just in from Greg Grant: When I went to bed Acer and Ilex, my two Jack Russell terrors, were tucked under the bench along with their intact beds and toys. This is what I found first thing in the morning. -GG

Written by Greg Grant

Greg Grant is an award-winning horticulturist, conservationist, photographer, and writer from Arcadia, Texas. Each month he writes an article for The Arbor Gate Blog where he is given free range to write about any topic that interests him. During the week, he is the Smith County horticulturist in Tyler for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and on the weekends, he and his wife tend Greg’s grandparents’ old farmhouse, his Rebel Eloy Emanis Pine Savanna and Bird Sanctuary, a flock of laying hens, four terriers, one German shepherd, and three cats.

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Celia Jones |

Those sweeties did not do that. They been framed!

    Greg Grant |

    My veterinarian brother said the same thing. He said "White trash always blame the dogs for their mess!"

Bubba |

Bad Dog! Bad Dog!

Linda Crum |

Time to consider the advantages of cats.