Need a creative garden art idea for a naked-as-a-jaybird fence or bored-and-tired wall? I have the perfect recycle solution for your garden – decorative barrel stay flowers. Reuse old barrel stays to create some of your own whimsical homemade garden art.

How To Make Your Flower Art

You will need:

  • • Staple Gun
  • • Wire
  • • Wire cutter
  • • Barrel stays
  • • Old electrical extension cord (if you have one)
  • • An old garden hose
  • • Fans or another flat object to make leaves

How to:

  1. 1. Cut and wrap the old extension cord around the barrel stays. Hang with wire on the fence
  2. 2. Cut old hoses to function as the “stem” for the flower. Measure, cut, and then insert wire through the hose, hanging it just where the base of the barrel stay rests.
  3. 3. Thread fans or leaf objects onto hose then staple onto fence.

This is an easy project that can be customized seasonally for some extended fun. For example, during fall you can surround the flowers with brightly colored leaves stapled on with your staple gun. In the winter, wrap the barrel stay in brightly colored holiday trim. Get out there and have some garden art fun!