Winter on the Gulf Coast presents a great opportunity for the gardener. It gives you a chance to assess your garden’s structure. The perennials are dormant, does you garden still have structure and interest?

The “bones” of the garden are such an important element and often overlooked in our excitement to plant color. We are getting some much needed rain. How is the drainage in your landscape?

Organics are essential for healthy plants and soil. Have you added compost and Arbor Gate Blend fertilizer this winter? As you can see there is much to be done this season. Bring in your questions and photos. Let us help you update your design.

Spring is right around the corner and we have a tremendous schedule of fun and informative classes for you. Don’t miss out on all the excitement. We would love to hear from you with your thoughts and ideas for the fall schedule.
Yes, we are working on it.

Gardeners never grow old – they are always looking forward to the next season!!! Stay young – keep gardening.