It is hard to believe the holidays are over. Everything in my house is back in storage containers and back to pre-holiday status. I miss the holidays. Ask anyone who knows me; it is all about the holidays. Case in point, my college age son remarked that this is the first time since July, when he left for school, that the house hasn’t been decorated. I decorated for Autumn in July so that he could enjoy before he left,actually,it was for me.

But, having that said, I love the new year. A new year is all about up-coming change. The Arbor Gate inspires me for a new year. I love how the gardens are constantly changing. I love the new decor that comes in. I love the change. Change is good!The Arbor Gate is testiment to this premise.

In looking back, there is a lot the staff at The Arbor Gate are thankful for. It has been a great year for us simply because of our customers. We enjoy helping the inexperienced to the experienced garderner as well as satisfying giving suggestions on home decor. We are all about making your indoor and outdoor living spaces the best they can be!

The Arbor Gate staff is looking forward to an even better year. We have many great classes for the spring. Many of the classes are new. Beverly is always looking for new presenters to add to our fantastic line-up. Much planning takes place to present topics that will appeal to everyone.

We are looking forward to the best year ever. Come and be apart of the wide variety of events we have to offer.

From all of the staff at The Arbor Gate, we wish all of you a very happy New Year!