Dear Arbor Gate,

In March, my husband and I visited Arbor Gate to purchase citrus trees to plant in our backyard. We had already done our research and planned the area of our property to plant the plant the purchased trees. Beth helped us pick the trees out and we showed her our plan to plant each tree individually in a triangular layout. She suggested that we prepare the triangular area by tilling, clearing weeds, laying down cardboard for weed control and covered with mulch. My engineer husband loved the idea, which would keep him from mowing around these trees years from now dodging thorny branches. This was one of Beth’s points.

Today, I came in to buy some herbs and showed Beth a picture of our “citrus grove”, that’s what my husband calls it. She was thrilled with the completion of our project and how well it turned out. We did dig a berm due to the fact that our property slopes quite a bit and my husband knew that in a strong storm with lots of rain, the mulch would just wash away. The fact that it survived the rain and winds of this past week is proof that her recommendations were right on! I’ve attached a couple of pictures that were taken right before last week’s rain, but it looks just as good this week. I also attached one of our fig tree. It’s by itself in a different location. Our trees are doing very well!

Beth is so helpful and her knowledge is beyond belief. What a wonderful asset she is to your Arbor Gate customers! I’m very grateful for her love of gardening and her desire to share it with others.

A grateful gardening friend,