‘Tis the Christmas season and The Arbor Gate has lots of ornaments delivered by Santa’s Elves. Traditionally, ornaments decorating our holiday tree dates back to the Victorian era. Try using ornaments in new and different ways this season to add a bit of whimsy and a whole lotta fun to your holiday decorations.

Below are six nifty ornament decorating ideas that can bring some unique holiday interest to your home this season. Happy Holidays from The Arbor Gate!

1. Wreath – Turn ornaments into a wreath by wiring them onto a metal wreath mold. An ornament wreath can be stored “as is” and brought out annually to reuse in future years.

2. Napkin Rings – Use small ornaments to decorate your holiday tables by tying them to ribbon and making bows around napkins.

3. Candle Décor – Set candles on an empty plate. Add tinsel and non-flammable ornaments at the base of the candles.

4. Dining Room Chairs – Tie a ribbon around your dining room chairs. Hang an ornament below the ties on the back of the chair.

5. Ornament Tower – Using hot glue and a pre-made styrofoam conical shape, build an ornament tower. Glue the larger ornaments to the bottom of the shape, using smaller ornaments as you get higher up the tower.

6. Wine Glass Centerpieces – Fill empty wine glasses with ornaments, glitter, and tinsel. No glue required. Place a row of the ornament-filled glasses down the center of the holiday table.